Drive to Success: Measuring ROI? Set Clear, Attainable Goals, First.

The automotive business is as much a “people business” as it is a retail industry. While Dealer Principal Owners (DPOs) and General Managers (GMs) focus on driving business goals and hitting profits, it’s just as important to measure the Return on Investment of the people, processes, and tools powering your profitability. Sound like a lot? It is. DPOs and GMs looking for ways to measure ROI need to start at the beginning by establishing clear, attainable goals. Get tips from the experts below:

1 – 5 Steps to Setting Attainable KPIs

Unleashed Software: Goals come in all shapes and sizes, good, bad, and even ugly. Make sure your team’s goals are not only measurable, but attainable.

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2 – Car Reports Put Customers In Driver’s Seat

Auto News: Read one dealership’s solution to reporting that channels transparency, collaboration, and data to enhance the buying experience.

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3 – Digital KPIs Transforming the Automotive Industry

Yahoo Finance: Not sure which product and process KPIs your dealership should be measuring? A recent study on the topic, Digital KPIs Transforming the Auto Industry, seeks to clarify that question.

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4 – 4 Project Management KPIs Important For Performance Management

Software Advice: Your dealership’s goals are unique. However, there are standard metrics and KPIs that can help determine the ROI of your investments.

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5 – Top 10 Management Reporting Best Practices To Create Effective Reports

Data Pine: Managing your team requires setting goals, measuring KPIs, and reporting on the results. If your reporting isn’t impactful, you might want to take a look at this guide.

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