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Your path to a complete F&I Workflow


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Credit APP & Bureau

Streamline your financing process.

Easily pull credit reports, submit credit applications to the largest lender network and receive credit decisions instantly.


Industry-leading menu. Single funding packages.

Save time with a two-way connection to Darwin Menu that lets you include the aftermarket menu and contracts in your funding package.

Digital Contracting

Sign anywhere. Fund faster.

Upload and eSign any document and send complete, accurate funding packages to more lenders.

F&I Reporting

Drive performance. Increase profit opportunities.

Get an easy snapshot of your F&I business in real-time to help you monetize missed opportunities with SEcureMetrics F&I Reporting – powered by StoneEagle.

DMS & CRM Integrations

Boost workflow efficiency.

Seamlessly move deals from your CRM and DMS to reduce data re-entry, increase efficiency, and keep deals moving quicker.


ID verification is integrated throughout the deal.

Verify customer identity using integrated checkpoints that help you comply with Red Flags and OFAC rules.


Deal checklist helps you along the way.

Once you start a deal in Dealertrack, the compliance checklist is there to help you from start to finish.


Notifications keep you on track.

Proactive alerts help you stay compliant with disclosure requirements including Adverse Action Notices.


Tools help you stay audit ready.

Safeguard your dealership with a centralized dashboard, enterprise reporting tools, and long-term document storage.

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