Drive to Success: How Millennials Are Changing the Market

Mastering the millennial market doesn’t have to be a mystery. The generation born from the “Boomers,” in between the eighties and nineties, is now entering their thirties and forties. They’re also the primary contributors to the housing market, the growing economy, and the record low unemployment. While millennials have been blamed for ruining nearly every industry from breakfast cereal to marriage, the fact is, they hold the largest spending power of any generation in the U.S. And, they’re coming to a car dealership near you. Are you ready?

1 – How to Market to the Millennial Generation

Quality Logo Products: The millennial generation is the largest consumer group in U.S. history spending an average $600 billion annually. If your dealership hasn’t seriously strategized a game plan for reaching this group, you need to dedicate some time and make it happen!

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2 – ‘We need to thank millennials’ for the booming U.S. economy, says Fundstrat’s Tom Lee

Market Watch: The mystery generation now entering their thirties and forties are taking on more debt, buying more expensive cars, and raising children. It’s this very group we can all thank for the ‘Booming’ (pun intended) economy.

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3 – No, Car Ownership Won’t Become Obsolete

Industry Week: Could the myth that millennials are giving up car ownership be simply that…a myth? New evidence shows that some millennials are actually driving more, not less.

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4 – 5 Ways to Impress Millennial Customers In Your Brick-and-Mortar Business

Spectrio: Even if millennials only spend 50% of their time in your physical store, they still pack a spending power of $1.4 trillion dollars! What are you doing to make their shopping experience both unique and authentic?

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5 – Why Millennials are Different and How Marketers can Engage Them!

Supply Chain Game Changer: Millennials value a frictionless experience that offers radical transparency. What can automotive dealers do to meet their needs?

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