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A lot of factors contribute to margin compression — some beyond your dealership’s control. But you can fight back by tackling inefficiencies that make matters worse. Show me where I’m losing money

Nothing gets under shoppers’ skin like sitting around waiting. One of the worst offenders is the F&I process, so make it the first thing you fix if CSI scores are low. Help me make them happy

You can’t run a modern dealership without multiple software systems. Integrations are great, but finding ways to integrate without paying integration fees is the dream. Tell me how to reduce my fees

Every day you wait for title release is a day you can’t sell a new trade-in. Time is money, so speeding up the title release process speeds your turn and profitability. Show me how to sell faster

Double data entry is an invitation for human error and wasted time. Connecting solutions more seamlessly can save you time and reduce your risk. Help me ditch double data entry

Technology evolves fast. If your systems are slow, frustrating, hard to learn, and cumbersome to use, updating technology could be a turning point for your dealership. Get us out of the dark ages

When good people make bad business decisions, usually bad data is to blame. Understanding where and why you have errors or lack of transparency can lead to better outcomes. Show me where we’re going wrong


BookOut Info Sheet

Review used car values by year, make, model or VIN. Access the most current vehicle values from the most trusted industry sources in one online interface.

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Don't Fear a Tech Transition

While a technology transition can seem intimidating, staying stagnant with an old DMS is much, much worse.

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Accelerted Title Lender eBook

Accelerated Title reduces the time it takes to process vehicle title payoff & title release by up to 70 percent. Its power & speed streamline the vehicle payoff process creating faster title releases.

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