Drive to Success: Marketing to Millennials Means Going Green

They say that change is good for you. It turns out that change is also good for the planet. The generation everyone is either trying to sell to, hire, or figure out (AKA: Millennials) has been telling companies to “Go Green” for a few years. And, if you’re not listening, you’re going to miss out. See how going “Green” is good for business, but also, we’re glad to say, good for all. Read more:

1 – Celebrating Earth Month This April; Improving Our Environment Every Day

Cox Auto: Going “Green,” being earth-friendly and putting sustainability first, is part of our culture at Cox Auto. Learn about our projects, our goals, and how we make Cox Conserves a program we can all believe in!

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2 – Luxury and Sustainability: How Pininfarina Is Cracking the Code

Jing Daily: Welcome to the age of disruption. For this Italian luxury brand, the next evolutionary step forward involves serious performance, sleek design, and, oh yeah, an electric engine. See why that matters here.

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3 – 4 Things Millennials Value In Their Professional Lives

Forbes: Whether you’re hiring them or selling to them, millennials have unique needs. One thing at the top of the list? You’d better be green.

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4 – How Recycling is Becoming Sexy

Future Brand: If plastic is enemy-number-one, then manufacturers have work to do. Find out how this will impact your brand and marketing plan.

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5 – WAYB Car Seats Designed by Former Patagonia CEO Put Safety – and Sustainability – First

3 BL Media: The eco-conscious generation is having babies. And guess what? They want to raise these happy, healthy, and #woke kiddos in a world with as many eco-friendly options as possible. Check out the smart, sustainable, and safe options being offered.

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Check back next week for more Drive to Success.

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