Drive to Success: What’s Driving The Mobility Movement?

The Mobility movement is gaining momentum and there’s no going back! Does your dealership have a strategy to capitalize on the next big thing, hop on the bandwagon, and ride the wave into the future? Or, will you ride this one out sitting on the proverbial fence? Let’s take a look at what’s really driving mobility for dealerships, manufacturers, and consumers alike:

1 – Mobility Company Fisker Plans To Deliver Radically Different EVs

Forbes: What would you give up first: your car or your mobile? The answer to that question is changing, and it signals a powerful shift in the coming years that presents an opportunity, a new market, and a big, big disruption about to take place.

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2 – The Not-So-Sexy Plan to Win at Self Driving Cars

Wired: For the pioneers of autonomous vehicle services, boredom is the ultimate goal. Today’s remarkable technology is so close to becoming “the norm,” and one company can’t wait.

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3 – The Future of the Car May Be Older Than the Model T

Bloomberg: When it comes to the arms race of the EV’s, the companies with the ability to scale-up fastest will ultimately be victorious. Look for some familiar names and brands to “power” the future of mobility when you start-up your next electric car.

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4 – Toyota Sees Future in Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Fixed Ops Business: Toyota is busy testing it’s hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles in Japan and Europe. And, they’re conquering the government sector in order to test it out. This strategy just might play out, but only time will tell.

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5 – The Future Of Mobility Is Data, Not Cars

Smart Solution 247: The biggest shift that mobility has brought to the market are the new players, new services, and totally new markets that traditional OEMs haven’t competed with before. Simply speaking: mobility is more than the car.

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