Drive to Success: The Era of AI in Automotive is Upon Us

Your next car buying experience will be straight out of a science fiction movie: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robots…(OK, maybe not Robots). According to a recent study by Cox Automotive, the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here, or nearly here. More than half of consumers surveyed prefer a personalized buying experience. And AI has the potential to improve processes, reduce margins, and impact nearly every aspect of the buying journey. Are you ready for this? Read more:

1 – AI: What Every Dealership Needs to Know About This Industry Game-Changer

CBT News: The various uses for artificial intelligence in the automotive industry are vast. Dealers should expect to see the impact of AI within the next few years.

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2 – Consumers And Dealers Starting To Embrace AI In Car Shopping, Cox Automotive Study Finds

Mega Dealer News: According to Cox Automotive’s recent Technology and Transformation of Retail Study, consumers and retailers have high hopes for AI and its impact on the car-buying journey.

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3 – Artificial Intelligence Could Increase Sales And Improve Margins For Dealers

Asset Finance International: Still worried about your personal information being used by “Big Brother?” Not likely. 76% of car buyers actually expect you to know something about them when they walk into the dealership, and 68% of buyers are onboard with a personalized experience as long as it improves the process.

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4 – AI A Good Marketing Tool For Dealers

Auto News: AI is more than just science fiction. It’s about building a personalized experience and better relationship with your future car buyers. Machine Learning, customization, and marketing automation are the next-steps in the evolution of automotive retail.

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5 – Study: Consumers Leery Over Privacy, But Want Personalization At Dealership

Auto Remarketing: Dealers are intrigued by AI and its ability to personalize the car buying journey. However, many worry about adoption, implementation, and cost.

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