Drive to Success: Search Engine Optimization

Millions of people search the internet every day for car dealerships, hoping to find more information about a specific product or service. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process by which search engines filter content to display specific websites that contain optimal and relevant search information. There are a few things dealerships can do to enhance online visibility and bring in more customers.

1 – Writing SEO Rich Copy for Your Dealership Website

CBT Automotive Network: A dealership website should be more than pretty pictures of cars. It should also include content created with the purpose of attracting more visitors. Factors that ensure SEO richness include title tag, headings, meta keywords, clean and concise URLs, and targeted content.

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2 – Social Media and SEO Give the Best Return for Automotive Marketers

Dealer Marketing: An effective digital marketing strategy includes finding ways to boost a dealership’s website to the top of the search engine results. In fact, automotive marketers cite social media and SEO as delivering the best returns on investment for their companies. And many marketers are adjusting their budgets to dedicate more dollars toward SEO.

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3 – Dealers Get on Top of Search Engine Results

Automotive News: The key to getting more visitors to a dealership’s website is to have informative, relevant content that people are looking for. This includes information about brands, models, vehicle images, dealership locations, maps, and consumer reviews. It also includes links to and from automaker websites.

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4 – What is Your Dealership’s SEO Weight?

CBT Automotive Network: Every dealership should be using SEO to attract more customers. So, how do individual dealerships stand out? As changes are made to search engine algorithms, dealerships can assess and adjust their SEO plans of action by performing frequent SEO audits to stay ahead of the competition.

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5 – How Not to Write for SEO

Digital Dealer: The main goal of SEO is to generate web content that will increase search results while also being useful to customers. Dealerships should avoid using out-of-date SEO practices that don’t appeal to the end user, such as overusing of keywords and phrases, writing bad content, and creating URLs that aren’t helpful or informative to readers.

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Check back next week for another Drive to Success: Keeping an Efficient Service Lane. You will learn ways to combat shrinking profits by increasing service lane efficiency.

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