Drive to Success: Process Improvements For Your Auto Sales Team

Process improvements and workflow enhancements are a good way to streamline the way your sales team identifies goals and hits their targets. That is, of course, when they work. Often, changing the simple way your team tackles daily projects can be a source of strife and frustration for the entire auto dealership. Don’t go at it blindly. Rather, make sure you have a strategic plan in place in order to improve your team’s productivity. Read more:

1 – Practical Tips for Engaging Teams in Process Improvement

Process Excellence Network: If change feels hard, you’re not imagining things. Studies show 70% of large-scale change programs never reach their goals. Both tech-related and process-related initiatives can be achieved, but it will take a strategic plan to put people first and build a culture that embraces process improvement.

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2 – 10 Steps To Streamline Work Process And Improve Workflow

Proofhub Blog: Improving your processes and workflows doesn’t have to be super complicated. But, as humans, we’re pretty good at making it feel that way. When you simplify your methods, you can streamline your workflows. Here’s how.

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3 – Why Process Improvement Is Key to Your Organization’s Success

CMS Wire: Finding a better way to run your dealership is a great goal. But updating your sales process and improving workflows shouldn’t be a one-time initiative.

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4 – 9 Tips to Improve Sales Process Adoption in Your Organization

Process: Sales is a tough job with high expectations. Implementing a sweeping change across the team—with the goal of process improvement—sounds like a good idea. But leaders often find strong opposition from the team.

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5 – 6 Tips & Techniques To Succeed in Car Sales in the Digital Age

BombBomb: The auto sales playbook has changed. Improving the way your sales team goes after new accounts, reaches out to potential customers, and does their homework has to keep up with the digital age.

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