Drive to Success: Navigate Technology Change at Your Dealership

Automotive dealers know better than to remain stagnate in today’s business landscape where change is constant, innovations in technology are rampant, and “dinosaur” dealerships are at risk of becoming extinct. But, implementing new technology in your dealership—especially a new DMS—can have a big impact on every person working under your roof. It’s important to keep your lines of communication open and transparent, find vendors who are collaborative, and always be willing to shift quickly. Read more:

1 – Is Your Dealership Getting Weighed Down by the Status Quo?

Driving Sales: If fear of change is holding your dealership back, just imagine how uncomfortable your customers feel during your out-of-date sales experience. It’s time to move on from the status quo and embrace change.

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2 – How Your Business Can Keep Up With Changing Technology Trends

Cox Blue: Keeping up with new technologies may seem daunting—at first. But, benefits like automated updates, more time to dedicate to customer service, managed services, and streamlined operations are waiting for you and your team on the other side of making the big switch.

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3 – Trust as a Strategic Priority of 2018 Executive Communications Plan

LinkedIn: If you’re about to role out a brand new DMS technology at your dealership, make sure you’ve studied these key themes in leadership communication to build trust with your team.

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4 – Technology Changes, Good Management Doesn’t

Harvard Business Review: According to (a loose interpretation of) Moore’s law, the power of technology will just about double every two years. While technology is changing fast, your employees are still, basically, human. Here’s how to keep that in mind when transitioning to a new technology.

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5 – Is It Time to Reevaluate Your Dealership’s CRM?

Cox Auto Inc: Looking to maximize the ROI of the technology at your dealership? Here’s what you should look for before you make the switch.

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