Drive to Success: Meet The Millennial Car Buyer

Are you ready to meet the millennial car buyer at your dealership in 2019? How about during the 17 hours they spend, on average, online prior to walking into your dealership? Millennials tend to get a bad reputation for “ruining” industries—from breakfast cereal to engagement rings—but this misunderstood market is now coming-of-age and ready to hit the road (literally) in their next car. Will that car be new, used, shared, autonomous? And, what will the automotive dealership role become in the near future? Discover the results of the studies linked below and prepare to master the millennial market:

1 – How to Sell to Millennials in 2019

CBT News: Learn more about a generation of 75 million shoppers who detest manipulation while, at the same time, dedicate hours and hours of personal research before making any major purchases.

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2 – Millennial Car Shoppers Gravitate To Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota

Media Post: According to a recent study, one in every three dealership visits is from a millennial. Here’s a look at the results from over 20,000 respondents to help identify what motivates this generation.

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3 – What Do Millennials Look For in a Car?

SEAT: The way millennials buy cars is changing the auto industry. So, who are they and what key factors play into their buying habits? Discover the details in this visual infographic.

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4 – Millennials Are Killing Countless Industries — But the Fed Says it’s Mostly Just Because They’re Poor

Business Insider: No, millennials are not going to “kill” the automotive industry. They will change the way you sell to them, however. The long-lasting impact of the recession has shaped the way this generation thinks about spending and forever impacted this generation’s financial well-being.

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5 – Your Newest Customers, Millennials, Are Changing Up the Car Buying Process. So Where Should You Focus Your Efforts?

Call Source: It’s not that millennials aren’t buying cars—they are—it’s that they’re moving the process online. This generation does practically everything online, with 83% reportedly even sleeping with their mobile devices. So, how much effort are you putting into your dealership’s ability to reach them online?

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