Drive to Success: Measure What Matters When It Comes to KPIs

Whether you’re busy selling new cars, marketing your franchise business, or managing the day-to-day functions of your growing automotive dealership, it’s likely you’re really, really busy. But, you don’t want to stay busy spinning your wheels without taking a moment to measure if your hard work is making a positive return. And, really, if you’re not sure where to start measuring, you’re not going to make much progress. Discovering which KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, matter is important. Here’s what the experts say:

1 – Five KPIs to Watch

Fixed Ops Business: Discover what the industry’s top professional experts have to say about the most important Key Performance Indicators that often get overlooked in the automotive industry.

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2 – Key Performance Indicators 101 & Why They’re Important

Forbes: Feeling stuck and not sure why your business isn’t growing? Owners often have a hard time measuring the goals that track actual, quantifiable data over time. Here’s a quick explanation.

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3 – Get Cozy with Your Company’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

9 Clouds: It’s simple: what gets measured gets improved. If you’re not on a first name basis with your dealership’s KPIs, it’s time to get to know them better.

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4 – 6 Profitability KPIs You Should be Tracking

Continuum: Everything today is (practically) digital. So why aren’t you measuring it? Your dealership’s profitability depends on tracking the right Key Performance Indicators.

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5 – Car Dealership Advertising Strategies: Best Digital Tactics for Lead Generation

SFGate: Still using newspaper ads to reach your buyers? 69% of people who used YouTube when buying a car were influenced by it. That’s more than TV, newspapers, or magazines! Here’s what—and how—to measure for your future selling tactics.

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