Drive to Success: Learning is Key to Becoming a Data-driven Dealership

Data is everywhere in the automotive industry. And knowing how to leverage it and make informed, smart decisions is key. Fortunately, the ability to become a data-driven dealership is a skill that you and your team can learn over time. Finding the right tools, reading the right reports, and letting go of your own personal biases is a good way to begin. Before you know it, you’ll be on the path to profitability. Read more:

1 – How To Make Data-Driven Decisions Using Google Analytics

SMA Marketing: Good data should have no strings attached. Learning to recognize your own personal biases (hint: there are twenty of them) and leveraging quality data sources will help you make the right moves.

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2 – Insider Insights: The Path To Data-driven Practices Starts With People

Dealertrack DMS: Our new monthly series highlights thought-provoking topics laser-focused on trends impacting Dealer Principal Owners and the decisions driving their profitability. This month’s article features tips for removing the ‘fear factor’ that stands in the way of improving operations with data and analytics.

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3 – Automotive Marketing: An Overview of Current Marketing Trends, Statistics, and Strategies

V12 Data: According to a study, 72% of buyers surveyed would visit dealerships more often if the buying process could be improved. Studying the changing trends in buyer habits, vehicle lifespan, and the emerging mobility market are all driven by data.

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4 – Big Data in Automobile Industry is Taking Over the Driving Seat

Data-Flair: Big Data is driving the potential success of the auto industry in remarkable ways. In order for a dealership to remain successful it simply must focus on the efficiency between departments and learn to use data to drive its decision-making.

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5 – Size Up Your Understanding Of Automotive Information Sources

IBM Big Data Hub: Check out the top five data information sources for the automotive industry in this visual graphic.

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