Drive to Success: Hiring (Women in Automotive) For Success!

Automotive dealerships who make an effort to build a strong, inclusive culture of diversity, respect, and empowerment are discovering a key benefit: when women succeed at work, your dealership succeeds! In fact, as women take on leadership roles in all areas of the automotive industry, from manufacturing to design, to production, sales, and beyond, the benefits are far reaching. Discover some of the fantastic leaders driving change, innovation, and improvement in the industry below:

1 – Why Promoting Women in Automotive Is Good Business As the market shifts and women make up a larger portion of independent auto buyers, dealerships who fail to become more diverse and inclusive will lose. At the same time, finding ways to attract and retain—and promote—a more diverse staff will pay off. Hear from a panel of executives on what it takes to build an inclusive culture.

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2 – Leading Women In Automotive In 2019

CBT News: Here’s a look at eight women (plus several honorable mentions) driving change and breaking barriers in the automotive industry. In recent years, there’s been a strong push for automakers to drive inclusivity and diversity efforts among leadership positions. And, it’s paying off in a big way!

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3 – Cox Automotive Presents its 14th Barbara Cox Woman of the Year Award

Cox Auto: Congratulations to Gail Miller, owner and chairman of Larry H. Miller Group of Companies, on receiving the 14th Barbara Cox Woman of the Year Award! Read about Mrs. Millers’ outstanding business leadership and community advocacy here.

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4 – 2019 Women’s Car Buying Report

Digital Dealer: With women now accounting for 45% of new auto purchases, the scales are about to tip! If your dealership isn’t taking a step back to review its policies, measure your hiring tactics, and monitor how your sales team is meeting goals, you could be sending this group of buyers to the competition.

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5 – International Women’s Day

Center for Automotive Research: As more women are taking leadership positions within the automotive industry the Center for Automotive Research looked within its own leadership for advice on meeting challenges and navigating career goals.

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