Drive to Success: Hiring Female Staff

Women are underrepresented in the automotive industry and turnover rates among women employees are very high at dealerships. Your dealership can benefit greatly from hiring and retaining female employees.


1- Attract, Hire, and Retain Women Employees

CBT Automotive Network: Only 25 percent of the workforce in the automotive industry, including manufacturing, are roles held by women.  A mere 18.6 percent are women in the workforce at dealerships and most of these women work in accounting or support roles, according to the latest estimates from the National Automobile Dealers Association.

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2- 6 Powerful Ways to Keep Your Top Female Employees

Inc.: In today’s highly competitive business environment, it’s more important than ever to recruit and retain top talent. And with more and more companies realizing the need to ensure equal representation, recruiting and retaining women is a particular concern.

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3- Why Aren’t Women More Present Within Dealership Personnel?

NADA: Remember, people need to see and hear that they are not only valued but that there is a next step. This will also open a much broader inter-departmental communication path. Too often, we fall into the “left hand-right hand” category. One where the other side has no idea of how or if they can assist.

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4- ‘Macho’ Sales Culture Hurts Dealerships

Automotive News: In the Automotive News Project XX Survey, forty-five percent said they’ve been passed up for new opportunities or promotions because of their gender. And 59 percent said they’d had their professional influence and credibility undermined by colleagues because of their gender.

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5- Hiring Women is Smart Business

Inc.: LinkedIn’s Senior Director, Public Policy, Sue Duke states, “Our research found that women represent fewer than 50 percent of leaders in every industry analyzed — and in some fields, such as energy and mining or manufacturing, the representation of women is far lower, with women holding fewer than 20 percent of leadership positions.”

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Check back next week for Drive to Success: Efficient Technology. You’ll learn more about the advantages of implementing modern technology at your dealership.

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