Drive to Success: Game-Changing Technology For Better Profits

Technology is a game-changer for the automotive industry. Improved customer data insights and the ability to offer more transparency has improved the relationships your sales associates build. And accessing information about price, offers, care information, and industry improvements—both on the buyer’s side and the dealer’s—is removing the barriers that made buying a car friction-filled process. This new holistic approach to technology at the auto dealership is disruption at its finest. Read more:

1 – How AI and Intelligent Messaging Help Dealers Increase Sales and Service Revenue

Dealer Marketing: Technology has shortened the time it takes for consumers to learn all about you, the cars they want to buy, and where else they can find a better deal. So, how much do you know about them? A mystery-shop study of more than 1,500 dealerships to gauge the response levels of social and web-based leads proves that many dealers are less than ready.

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2 – What is the Future of Technology in the Dealership?

CBT News: A faster sales process? A more mobile-ready and speedy checkout? Technology has the potential to put information at the fingertips of your sales associates and provide a better experience for the buyer. Take a look at where we’re going next and how your dealership can cash in.

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3 – Technology Has Transformed Dealerships

Auto Dealer Today: It wasn’t that long ago that success at dealerships was measured when a customer returned (often years later) to purchase a second vehicle. Knowing where to reach buyers and how to close a sale involved a special selling ability and an awful amount of paperwork.

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4 – Your Website Sucks

Wards Auto: Ouch. The truth hurts, but many dealerships need to know the hard facts since a majority of the auto buying process is taking place online, before a customer ever thinks about walking onto the sales floor. And if your website sucks? They probably won’t.

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5 – Digital Tools Help Service Departments Become More Efficient, Transparent and Profitable

Automotive News: Tech is making it more enjoyable to spend time at the dealership. Really. Here’s a sample of the software options that fixed ops professionals say improves internal and external operations and makes dealership shops more efficient and profitable.

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