Drive to Success: Enhancing Online Presence

Customers shop for cars online. Because of this simple fact, it’s the job of every savvy dealership to have an online presence that caters to customers’ shopping preferences and attracts consumers to the dealership. Through strategic online marketing, including mapping the online customer journey from initial research to final sale, dealerships can learn more about what makes an effective online presence and sales strategy.

1 – 4 Tips to Master Your Dealership’s Online Presence: Show Your Assets

Digital Dealer: The first objective in creating an online presence for any dealer should be to showcase inventory. Unfortunately, many dealerships don’t do enough to show off their inventory, leaving potential customers to research cars at hundreds of other dealerships online. By posting vehicle information online quickly, shooting and displaying inventory photos in a consistent format, and detailing value-added features, dealers can attract more customers online.

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2 – Mapping Your Online Customer Experience

CBT Automotive Network: A dealership’s website and social media presence function as an extension of its store – virtual shopping rooms where customers decide to do business with a particular dealership. Mapping the customer process from discovering a dealership to actually engaging directly with that dealership can help identify the difference between effective and ineffective online tools.

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3 –Does Your Online Presence Do Your Dealership Justice?

Dealer Marketing Magazine: In an age where customers turn to the internet for everything, including information about shopping for cars, dealerships can’t afford to ignore their online impact. To prioritize their online presence, dealers should be concerned how their businesses appear online, including ease of navigation, as well as reviews and customer feedback.

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4 – For Dealers, Online Presence Key to Influencing Car Shoppers

Auto Trader: Dealers need to communicate their shopping experience online, not just information about inventory and price. As much as 88 percent of car shoppers use the internet as part of the car-shopping experience. And because dealers have less than a 30 percent chance of changing a customer’s purchase decision after he/she has arrived on the lot, influencing buyers online is more important than ever.

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5 – Why Auto Dealers Must Embrace Digital Marketing

V12 Data: A dealership’s online presence includes digital marketing. Because so many consumers shop for cars online, marketing online is a natural way to reach customers. As consumers go to search engines to research cars, dealerships need to be prepared with strategic online marketing tools, including a strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, to attract new customers.

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