Drive to Success: Creating Brand Fanatics

Who do auto dealers love? Their loyal customers. But how do dealerships build better loyalty, develop emotional connections during the buying process, and establish brand recognition that turns happy customers into actual, rabid fanatics? The ingredients are all there—from the minute your buyers learn about what your dealership stands for to their very first test-drive—and you have more influence than you think. Discover why it matters and how you can turn happy customers into lifelong fanatics who will advocate for your dealership long after they drive away from your dealership.

1 – Use Employee Advocacy To Turn Your Staff Into Digital Brand Ambassadors

Associations Now: Of course you love your brand. But, no one wants to hear the dealership owner shouting about it over and over. Your employees have the power to become your brand’s biggest advocates—in person, online, and beyond.

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2 – 4 Ways for Brands to Gain Fanatics

Smart Insights: You love your customers. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your customers were so loyal they were fanatics? Fanatics are natural-born brand ambassadors who embrace your brand’s identity as their own and share it to their social network.

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3 – Digital Trends Changing Advocacy and CRM in 2020

Business to Community: We may be living in the era of big data, AI, and futuristic technologies (sorry, no robots or flying cars), yet customer loyalty is as important as ever.

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4 – The Importance of Brand Love

Because: If 75% of buying decisions are based on emotion, are you creating an emotional bond with your customers? If people can certainly love a car brand—and they can—can they love what your dealership stands for and means to its community?

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5 – Ford Plans New Credit Card to Increase Loyalty

Auto News: In a move to increase loyalty and improve customer experience, Ford is offering its customers a Visa credit card with unique rewards and incentives. The credit card will allow users to more easily make purchases that will aid in financing, repairs, and redeeming points toward a new Ford purchase.

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