Drive to Success: Change happens. Success is intentional.

Change happens. New technologies, shifts in buying habits, and brand new options for the way the public uses cars are all impacting the automotive industry. Dealership principal owners and general managers know that change management, itself, is a complex process and requires both trust, a willingness to learn and adapt, and transparency. What’s also required? Intentional dedication to success. Change is going to happen, but success is never guaranteed. Read more:

1 – Give Thanks for Your Team

CBT News: If you have a big technology change looming, you’re going to need a strong team who has your back. But, a staggering percentage of employees feel under appreciated at work in the auto industry. Here’s what you, as a leader, can do to build—or rebuild—the bridge.

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2 – What’s Your Store Culture and How’s That Working Out for You?

Auto Success: Building a great culture, where your employees want to come to work and enjoy their jobs, takes work. It doesn’t happen by hope, sheer luck, or accident. So, what’s the culture like at your dealership?

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3 – Car Dealers’ Challenge: Manage Today, Keep Eye on Future

Wards Auto: Cox Automotive President Sandy Schwartz has a stark reminder for dealerships: technology is important, but nothing can take the place of the human touch. Read his thoughts on the changing nature (and not so changing nature) of automotive dealerships.

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4 – Change Management: Making Organizational Change Happen Effectively

Mind Tools: If the term “change management” is less of a strategy, and more of an expletive, at your dealership, then read up on these six objectives.

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5 – Two Warning Signs That Your Change Management Effort Is Going To Feel Really Painful

Forbes: Risk tolerance, motivation, and the number one reason some CEO’s lose their jobs. Oh my! Look out for these warning signs to make sure your change management strategy isn’t a massive pain.

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