Drive to Success: Building a Fanatic Fan-base of Happy Customers

Your most loyal customers love you. And automotive dealers love their most loyal customers. After all, loyal, happy customers become brand advocates, spend more, and return to your dealership again and again. So is your dealership relying on hearsay, luck, and good-timing to support and nurture these all-too-important clients? Are you working (diligently) to build a customer experience program that offers an elevated car-buying process to turn the average buyer into your next rabid fan? Here’s why you should:

1 – Top Five Customer Loyalty Trends For Your Dealership

Car Care Plan: Finding new customers is nice, but your loyal customers spend more than the average buyer—up to three times as much! It pays to invest in growing these relationships.

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2 – 30 Customer Service Tips (with Examples) to Try in 2019

Nextiva: You know customer service is important, but did you know that reading fiction can make your service reps more empathetic? Here are 30 tips—from focusing on slowing down and paying attention to last-impressions—to consider in your next training.

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3 – Top 14 Ways to Create a Great Customer Experience Strategy in 2019

Acquire: When 60% of your buyers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience, it’s time to make CX a BIG part of your business strategy.

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4 – 7 Ways to Create a Great Customer Experience Strategy

SuperOffice: Do you know the difference between customer experience and customer service? Does your team have a plan to optimize both? Here’s why this counts!

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5 – Shifting Gears: Why The Automotive Industry Needs To Accelerate Customer-centricity

VisionCritical: Today’s buyers are tired of bureaucracy. It’s time to retool the auto industry and make car-buying more customer-focused.

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