Drive to Success: Auto Tech Trends to Watch in 2020

Automotive technology trends have become increasingly innovative in the last 18 months. Driving this innovation are technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Electronic Vehicle Technology (EV)—just to name a few. The industry is seeing disruption on a scale set to break the record books. And, the outlook for 2020 gets even bigger. Take a look at the following Tech Trend round ups below:

1 – Automotive Industry Trends 2020 | Global Automotive Industry Analysis

fiiviq: Technology-based companies in the automotive industry are bringing improvements to services like leasing services, financing, and the software running dealership management systems. With new vehicle sales expected to take a hit in 2020, these technologies must continue to innovate in the new year.

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2 – 5 Trends Shaping the Future of Automotive Industry in 2020

Interesting Engineering: Even though the automotive industry is traditionally thought of as “mechanical,” digitalization continues to disrupt the industry.

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3 – 2020: Consumer Trends for the Auto Industry

Brand Watch: 8,000 global survey responses and social media tracking have compiled the consumer trends to watch in the automotive industry.

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4 – Industry Top Trends 2020: Autos

Automotive World: Should automakers and suppliers be concerned about shifting consumer spending habits?

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5 – All The Insane Car Tech (and One Motorcycle) We Can’t Wait To See At CES 2020

Digital Trends: Fancy screens, electronic motors, and a distinct lack of (and need of) drivers at CES is proving the electronics showcase is more “automotive-focused” than ever before.

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