Business as (Un)Usual: Optimizing Your Dealership in a New Environment

Dealerships are setting an historic precedent for rebuilding, redesigning, and refocusing their business models in the new business environment. While society works in lock-step to flatten the curve by staying at home and practicing social distancing measures, Dealer Principal Owners, General Managers, Sales Managers, Controllers, and Service Managers must find a way to keep the business running and bring the dealership to the driver. Here are five helpful auditing procedures your dealership can practice, now, that will impact your dealership in the long run:

Clean up Work in Process

This includes each department throughout the dealership. Make any new downtime productive by closing out repair orders, on hold parts tickets, and old car deals. This will not only free up revenue but give you better insight into what is truly outstanding.

Invest in Training

This can include catching up on OEM mandating training, as well as cross-training employees to learn long overdue skills and responsibilities. Maximize remote and web-based training to respect social distancing. Log on to the DMS360 Lifetime Learning Portal for training your team can access anywhere.

Assess your Reporting Needs

What reports are you running regularly, but not utilizing? What reports do you need but are putting many efforts into building and maintaining? If you have multiple stores, is your reporting consistent from store to store? If you need reporting help, contact your DMS Performance Manager.

Review your Network Setup and Configuration

Now, more than ever, your business is going to rely on your network setup and connection. This includes security and stability, as well as your primary method of communication both inside and outside the dealership. Are you still relying on old, out of date network equipment that’s on its last legs, or subject to a security breach? Do you have enough Internet speed? If you’re paying someone to manage this for you, do you understand what you’re paying (and possibly overpaying) for each month?

Join Our Webinar

Join Brad Holton from Proton IT April 9 at 12 noon EDT to discuss opportunities to leverage your network to improve the digital transformation of your dealership. Brad will cover best practices for privacy and security so you and your team can operate digitally with minimal risk.

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Deep Clean your Software

While it’s realistic to expect a temporary decrease in foot traffic, you can still be productive and prepared for a comeback. In addition to cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces, use this time to review all of your software applications, remove terminated employees, remove old labor operation codes and part numbers. Review your taxes, your fees, your discounts, and your accessories and aftermarket products. Catch up on past software releases and bug fixes you may have missed, and ensure your current processes are aligned with your software. For tips on best practices for business continuity, check out our helpful download.

Dealertrack is committed to keeping your dealership on track with tools and resources during these uncertain times. Visit our Business Continuity Tools & Resources Center for helpful downloads, On-Demand webinars, guides and more.

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