A Cautious 2018 Outlook from Independent Dealers

Looking back at 2017, the car sales environment was generally positive. Although the U.S. auto industry’s seven-year run of increasing sales came to an end, the overall sentiment is cautiously optimistic for 2018.

However, a closer review of this past year’s data shows a mixed bag on the used-car front, and that not everyone has benefited. Recent research reflects a trend seen throughout 2017 — namely, a fundamental divergence between franchise and independent dealers when it comes to the 2018 outlook.

Independent dealers feel more challenged in the current period and are less bullish than their franchise peers. Research suggests there are three key areas of concern that may be leading to sluggish results for independents and subsequently dampening their enthusiasm for 2018:

  • Credit concerns
  • Independents’ inventory limitations
  • Limited revenue steams

Learn more about each of these three key areas in the full article from The Center for Auto Finance Excellence.

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