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Digital Contracting on Dealertrack uniFI® helps you submit every funding package more quickly and with fewer errors – the industry’s first solution that connects the entire deal from leads to contracts.


Import Lease Deals

Dealerships can now seamlessly import their lease deals from CDK DMS into Digital Contracting on Dealertrack uniFI®, helping eliminate manual data entry, contract errors and the frustrations of re-contracting.

How much could you save by sending digital contracts?

If you have concerns around profitability, use our savings calculator to see what your ROI could be. Find out how much you can save by sending contracts digitally to your lender(s).


How much does paperwork impact the car shopping experience?



of car buyers feel the shopping experience has stayed the same or gotten worse.



of the time is spent negotiating and signing paperwork

* 2019 Cox Automotive Car Buyer Journey Study

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