Drive to Success: Mobility, the Future, and Your Dealership

Unless your dealership has been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard “mobility” referenced more times than you can count. But, dealers are savvy. The automotive industry has experienced change—constant change—since the days of the assembly line. New technology innovations have had disruptive changes to digital marketing, branding, online retailing, customer data, and service plans. Now, mobility is making its way to the showroom. Dealerships will not only be ready, they’ll be driving the movement. Read on:

1 – Notice to Silicon Valley: Car Dealers Can Adapt Too

Wards Auto: No one single group has proven itself more willing to change and adapt than auto dealers. With so many tech-focused mobility conferences happening in Silicon Valley, and the focus on growing and developing shared mobility and mobility-as-a-service, the technology industry could benefit from opening its doors to more dealer group representatives.

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2 – 5 Million Autonomous Vehicles Projected By 2022

Media Post: The promise of extra convenience, safety improvements, and vehicle connectivity is driving the demand for consumer autonomous vehicles. The data also suggests new sources of revenue from driving-related services.

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3 – Dealers Share Outlook on Car Ownership Trends in Cox Automotive Mobility Study: A Dealer’s Perspective

CBT News: Hear from Cox Automotive’s Mobility Group and learn about the evolution from traditional vehicle ownership to new options such as ridesharing, subscription services, and autonomous vehicles.

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4 – How the Auto Industry Is Driving Itself Into the Future

Fortune: We can’t build more roads every year. But, we can change the way the public uses them. Autonomous cars, more options for how people buy and use transportation, and upgrades to safety are coming.

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5 – Will our smart cars just get stuck in dumb traffic jams?

Detroit Free Press: Is the automotive industry overlooking a key piece in its rush to shift the way people use cars? As the public prepares to make a shift in the mobility market, it’s worth taking a look at the impact our old model has had on the way cities have been built to fit that model.

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