Drive to Success: Dealership Work Culture

Creating a positive workplace culture affects more than employees. When dealerships establish a positive work culture, it impacts turnover, sales, and efficiency, as well. When employee morale improves, a dealership’s business results and bottom line usually follow.

Build a Team Culture in Your Dealership

The Dealer Playbook: When team members are happy, they perform better and the dealership benefits as a result. But too many dealerships fail to put energy and resources into creating a positive workplace culture. Creating an ideal workplace culture starts with recruiting the right people. And it requires effort from ownership to create an environment where people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, opinions, and creative ideas.

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Top Signs Your Auto Dealership Has Exceptional Culture

Hireology: Creating a positive workplace culture is especially important for dealerships, where employees work in close contact and are under pressure to perform. If your dealership is building an exceptional workplace culture you will experience low turnover, high sales, and an influx of high-quality candidates. Plus, co-workers root for each other and your employees actually smile at work.

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Eight Steps to Build a Stronger Dealership Team

CBT Automotive Network: Building a team-oriented workplace can be difficult for dealerships because the industry has traditionally emphasized rewarding individual performance. But there are benefits of team building, including better employee morale and productivity. Have a mission statement that inspires purpose and share this vision with your employees.

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Cultivating Workplace Culture: Dealerships Salute Service Above and Beyond

Automotive News: Rewarding employees for acting on their virtues, and not just for hitting sales targets, creates a culture of awareness and teamwork. Highlighting employee accomplishments also incentivizes staff to go beyond the limits of their job descriptions. When employees are rewarded for going out of their way to help a customer or fellow team member, morale, retention and employee satisfaction increases.

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Why Traditional Employee Recognition Plans Don’t Work at Dealerships

Dealer Marketing: Dealerships should align their business goals and values with real actions through employee initiatives. By placing emphasis on employee performance, along with career, wellness, social, and community goals, dealers can establish a more vibrant and positive company culture. When company culture improves, business results usually follow.

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