Destination: Success—People, Priorities, and Programs

Dealerships who invest in their people, win. That’s simple. The facts behind that statement tend to go a little deeper, however. When a dealer considers the time, strategy, and investment behind people management, there’s certainly more to the art and science of Human Capital Management than meets the eye. Does your dealership have a solid strategy for Change Management? Who monitors your Onboarding program for new hires? Can you say—with 100% confidence—that your employees are engaged in their roles? If you’re uncertain, take a moment to review the articles from the experts, industry analysts, and key researchers who have made it their mission to dive deeper into this subject that is simply too important to overlook.

Get Comfortable with Change Before Your Team Gets Uncomfortable

Change Management is the art of keeping your team from jumping ship as you turn the boat around. If you don’t do your research, warn the crew, and steer everyone into calmer waters, you won’t arrive with a winning team in tact.

Let Your Values Drive Your Diversity and Inclusion Programs

Diversity and Inclusion programs that only look nice from the outside-in are often doomed to fail. However, as long as you align your goals with the core values that help drive your mission and vision, you should stay on the right track. Listen to your people, your mission, and your heart.

Build a Better Team with a Better Talent Strategy

No retail automotive dealership runs on sheer talent or reputation, alone. It takes a solid retention program paired with a good career-building strategy for your top team members. If you start with a solid foundation, you’ll be in good shape in the long run.

Onboarding Programs and the Long-term Impact on Retention

Hiring managers often have their targets set on sourcing new hires, finding replacements to combat churn, and filling the gaps in your talent pool. However, once a candidate has signed on to join the team, a lackluster onboarding program can cost your dealership more than you think.

Empowering Employees Leads to Higher Productivity and Profitability

Recent industry studies have shed light on the poor quality of employee engagement and its impact on the success of dealership profitability. Not only are unengaged employees more likely to be unhappy and leave, they’re driving down productivity and lowering the success of your bottom line. Bad news? It’s not their fault.

Corporate Citizenship Boosts Talent

Companies who invest in giving back tend to build better reputations, stronger brand recognition, and (likely) good karma. But, there’s an additional impact that dealerships should consider: Giving your employees an opportunity to volunteer and give back can attract more engaged job candidates to your dealership, too.

It’s easy to get lost in the changing landscape of people management in the automotive industry. Read more and get your copy of the guide: Drive to Success: A Dealer’s Guide to Navigating the Changing Path to Profitability, here.


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