Decluttering Your Dealership’s Systems: Get More From Technology

Change is progress. But, change is scary. This statement is true, yes, but there’s another side to it. When your automotive dealership is busy staying, well, busy, it’s hard to pave the path toward progress. Finding the right solution for better work-processes, enhancing productivity, reaching more customers, faster—these are all significant challenges. Often, dealers find themselves burdened with old, outdated technology systems longer than intended because it’s difficult to know where to begin. Here are two key factors to help your dealership get more from technology.

Break Free From Old Hardware

Modern dealerships must meet today’s consumers where, when, and how they want to shop. According to the Cox Automotive 2018 Car Buyer Journey Study, your next potential customer has likely spent up to 60% of the buying process online before they ever walk into the dealership. For automotive retailers, using cloud-based technology platforms is a more flexible, more convenient solution. And as your dealership footprint grows, and businesses acquire more than one location, connectivity and access to information—anytime, anywhere—is key.

“We didn’t realize how important [a cloud-based platform] was until we acquired our [second] store…which allowed us to manage both operations from one location.” – Kevin Cook, General Manager Straub Automotive

Provider vs. Partner

Successful dealerships know that signing a contract at the end of the day with your buyers is really just the beginning of a long-lasting relationship. At least it should be. And it’s the same with your vendors. If you’re not entering into a long-standing partnership with your Dealer Management System (DMS) vendor after you sign a contract, you’re not getting your money’s worth. 60% of car buyers are, according to a Cox Automotive Service Industry Study, willing to drive farther just to get better service for their car. But, you shouldn’t have to go out of your way to find the help and support you need.

When making the switch to new, upgraded technology, look for a partner who offers ongoing analysis of your dealership’s performance and delivers key-insights from top professionals.

“We needed a partner who would really be there for us. Someone who would pick up the phone when we call, and also give us a system that works around what we do and not the way they think it should be done.” – Mike Tourtillott, General Manager Sisbarro Dealerships

It’s time to let the status-quo go and move onto a partner fully vested in your success. Clearing out the clutter of your previous technology and outdated system is the first step.

Ready to pave the way toward progress? Get the guide: Dealer’s Dilemma: Letting Go of Old Technology.


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