Classic Summer, Classic Cars

Since Ford opened up that factory and started selling the Model T, we’ve dreamt and plotted and schemed to get our own ride.

Why? Because it was four wheels and an open road to the making of our own adventure. It was independence, a first foray onto the byways and main streets of America. 

No one is immune to the romance of cars.

From Motor City to all points across the nation, cars are a colorful, dynamic part of Americana, a special connection passed on across generations. Want proof? Go to practically any town in America, and on any given weekend morning someone has put together a casual car show in front of a donut shop. That’s especially true as we turn the page toward the Fourth of July, and settle into the summertime. Yes, the business of auto retail is vital. It’s evolution toward a connected and optimized experience is important work. But let’s not forget to pause for just a moment, and salute the awesomeness that is the automobile. Whether it’s off-roading, racing or sunset road trips, here are just a few of the best. Chime in with your own memories and models! 

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