Available Now: The 2016 Dealertrack Compliance Guide

Dealertrack has long been known as the industry’s single best source for Compliance insights, and for good reason: From webinars to our technology solutions, we provide the expertise that can only come from time spent in the trenches, learning and leading the way through what is often complex and confusing regulations. And nothing better represents our leadership and commitment to dealers than the 11th Annual Dealertrack Compliance Guide. It’s our unrivaled reference on all things Compliance, written for dealers and staff to use on a daily basis to protect their dealership from audits, fines and consumer fraud. It is the only guide available that combines current regulatory facts with trends and practical guidance that can be applied with little effort. 

“Last year, federal and state agencies took dead aim at dealers for compliance violations, frequently by bringing enforcement actions for practices which arguably are not expressly prohibited by agency rules or prior consent decrees,” said Randy Henrick, Dealertrack’s regulatory and compliance counsel and author of the Guide. So for this year, many of the issues discussed in this Guide are new or emerging in our Congress, administrative agencies such as the CFPB and FTC, legislatures and courts.”

To that end, this year’s guide includes several new topics and recommendations, including:

  • New Federal laws and regulations in effect for 2016
  • A focus on new federal laws and regulations related to dealer advertising
  • Advice regarding actions by agencies such as the CFPB, FTC, legislatures and courts
  • Recommended practices for data safeguards and identity theft protection
  • How to implement a Compliance Management System at your dealership
  • New links to valuable online F&I compliance resources
  • Immediate access to our NEW ONLINE version of the guide

Now available at no charge, the 2016 edition features updated content and gives you the choice between downloading an online version or ordering a print copy. Click here to gain access now.

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